Project Lakshya

Bringing Untapped Talent to Fore

Extensive research led us to discover a vast pool of untapped talent in slum areas. We realized that slum kids were lagging behind due to lack of proper training and education in English, Maths & Computers. As a matter of fact, untapped talent is a major impediment to educational success. Thus, Project ‘Lakshya’ was born.

The Idea Behind Lakshya:

Lack of proper training in English, Maths and Computers inspired us to kick-start ‘Lakshya’. We offer relevant study material and other resources to children at our Powai Center, Mumbai.

We have collaborated with the BM School to impart unmatched education to children. ‘Lakshya’ focuses on improving English, Mathematical and Computer skills of students, with special emphasis on spoken English. Classes are conducted on weekends to avoid interference with regular studies. Professionals specializing in spoken English are called to conduct lectures. Volunteers are also invited to teach children at all levels.

You won’t get paid here, yet, you will return home each day with riches no remuneration can match.

Key Activities:

  • Core focus on English, Maths and Computers
  • Spoken English taught by experienced professionals
  • Classes are conducted twice a week (Saturday and Sunday) at Primary, Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • Special emphasis on overall personality development