Project Aadhar

Empowering Youth

Is India really on its way to becoming a superpower? Can we really outshine the other countries? Appropriate education is the backbone of every nation. The success of a nation predominantly depends on how educated its citizens are. As a matter of fact, India’s literacy rate is far from satisfactory. The education scenario is dismal to say the least.

Lack of money and guidance is a major obstacle to education. It is unfortunate that slum kids cannot afford education. Some of those who want to study are unable to join schools due to lack of financial support. Those who are keen to study are unable to reap rich benefits of quality education. We, at Tarang, are committed to bringing education to this section of the society.We are committed to reaching out to the less fortunate and help them study further.

Some kids are lagging behind due to lack of proper guidance. They have no one to guide them, counsel them and consult them. Lack of guidance interferes with their ability to grow and prosper. We consider it our responsibility to make them self-sufficient and self-reliant.We impart education to help them make well informed decisions and to support them financially.

Would you like to do something for the less fortunate? Here is your chance to pay back to the society. After all, one of the cardinal rules of joyful living is to give back to the society. Donate the little that you can to illuminate someone’s life. The underprivileged and less fortunate need resources to get through school and college. You can make a difference by contributing whatever you can. You can look forward to complete transparency as far as Tarang is concerned. You can track the progress of the child in question and know exactly what is happening with them. You can verify all the details too.