Project Dayitva

Enriching the Quality of Education in Night Schools

There are quite a few children who are unable to attend school during daytime. They are bound by several responsibilities. Juggling responsibilities makes it difficult for them to meet their educational goals. Project ‘Daayitva’ is specifically intended to help those children who drop out of school to fulfil other commitments. They can enrol in night schools and attain the education they want.

The Idea Behind Daayitva:

‘Daayitva’ was conceived in a bid to enrich the overall quality of education in night schools. It was born out of the need to take education to higher levels in night schools. The idea is to improve attendance in night schools and impact academic performance in a positive way. One of the major reasons for poor attendance in night schools can be attributed to inadequate food facilities. We kick-started ‘Food Seva’ to provide children with adequate food in a bid to boost attendance. The results have been nothing short of remarkable.

We witnessed a dramatic improvement in attendance – it shot up by 50%.

We have tied up with M/s Rashmi Foods Pvt Ltd to provide the highest quality food to children. They are licensed caterers who have acquired a great reputation and have a wealth of experience behind them. Rest assured that the food is hygienic; it also lingers on the taste buds!

Food Seva is available in all night schools.

Key Activities:

  • Our night schools are equipped with libraries, laboratories and other resources crucial to education. Daayitva is committed to improving the quality of education with focus on optimal infrastructure.
  • We are in the process of collaborating with 5 night schools to generate education awareness.
  • We are trying to reach out to as many slum kids as possible.