Minutes of Meeting as on 15th Nov. 2009

Dear all,

I am sure you will all agree that we had a wonderful time yesterday. We warmly welcome the new members.
As the discussions, debates and views gathered momentum we could see the vision of Tarang gaining ground.

The minutes of the meeting on Nov 15th are as follows:

Agenda discussed:

1) Night school plan by Charul & Team.

2) Child sponsorship for education plan by Bhupendra & Team.

3) One proposal for starting school in Rajasthan as come, we’ll discuss that too.

Night school plan by Charul & Team

The findings were an eye- opener:

One of the best night schools in Vile Parle was visited by the team. Continuous meetings and discussions with the school principal brought many things into light.

To highlight a few: the school teachers are dedicated, attendance poor, infrastructural concerns and financial issues.


1. Visit planned on Tuesday – Nov 17th with the school teachers to have their point of view

2. An evening visit on Nov 29th to understand the students perspective, followed by dinner for them.
People to be present: Bhavdeep, Nitesh, Siddesh, Ketan, Nitin, Rajendra, Charul, PK, Yogesh, Paresh, Ajay, Rishi, Bhupendra, Karan, Ravi and Deepa

3. Motivational Speakers on Nov 29th:
Bhavdeep and Kannan & Ketan (Siddesh & Bhupendra to get)who have passed out from Night school

4. Raise funds for 80,000/- for the night school (DONE)
People committed : Bhavdeep -25k; Rishi -15k, Charul -10k, Ajay -10k, Bhupendra -5k, Deepa -5k, Rajendra -3k, Siddesh -3k, PK -4k

5. To bring in 5 new members

6. Office to be established at Rishi’s old office at Chakala


1. Documentation of the night school and credibility to be established.
2. Incentive structure to be put in place – incentive options to be explored: Food Seva every evening after school, Ration for the family, Introduction of English

3. Meeting with Prithi Patekar, who runs a BMC night school centre

4. Gather more information on Infosys scholarship

Child sponsorship for education plan by PK & Team

Close discussions with the underprivileged revealed that the reasons for dropping out of schools are many. Tackling on an individual basis is not possible.

Research needs to be done further to arrive at a structure wherein a child can be sponsored totally.


1. Meet the eight children who dropped out at Bhupendra’s house on Tuesday Nov 17th to have their perspective

2. Visit another slum area on Nov 22nd to research further.

3. To have in total 3 visits of different slum areas before the next meeting

4. Check out the possibilities of sponsoring 5 children in tuitions for helping them with the SSC curriculum

One proposal for starting school in Rajasthan

We have a generous body ready to donate a piece of land to anyone interested in opening a school in Rajasthan.
Our mission is to grab this opportunity for having our Tarang Residential School, our pilot project


Finally, thank you all those who made it for the meeting and also those who couldn’t …. your intentions to make a difference is clear…anyways.

Looking forward to a happening month

Tarang Cares

Minutes of the minute complied by Deepa – Thank you so much Deepa for all the hard work done with so much of passion.