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Hi Friends,

Let me introduce you to Sandeep Malik.    Sandeep is 9 year old child.  Sandeep is a normal child except for the fact that he is suffering from Bilateral Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss, I know thats too technical so in short Sandeep is suffering hearing loss and is on hearing aid currently but he already have 90% hearing loss and can hardly hear from hearing aid.

As per Dr. Milind Kirtane  from Hinduja Hospital,  he will soon loose his ablility to hear 100% if not operated on time.  According to Doctors he can get cure completely form his hearing disability and can listen like a normal child again if operation is done in next 1 month.  If he looses his hearing power he needs to go to specail school and will also have issue in speaking and if we gets cured he’ll be able to live a normal life – just like you and me.

Total cost of operation is Rs.6, 21,000/- (I’m attaching the complete report given by Doctor along with this post).  As Sandeep Malik is from very very poor family, his family cannot afford to pay for this operation.

Sir Dorabji Tata Trust has agreed to pay Rs. 1,00,000/- as donation if we are able to arrange balance funds (Letter from Tata Trust is attached in pdf file).

I was approached by Charul Abuwala for raising funds for Sandeep and we at Tarang has decided to raise fund for cause.

I want to request a reader of this post to make a donation (any amount ) to save this kids future,  you need to prepare the cheque directly in hospital’s name ” P.D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Center” and send it my office :

Kush Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

24, Nand Deep Ind. Estate,

Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059.

Once we complete gathering entire amount we’ll give cheques to Hospital.

If you’ve any question about  Sandeep or you want to meet him please call me at +91 9820737739.

I’m also attaching Sandeep’s Ration Card copy, Letter from a Suresh Tea & Cofee where Sandeep works, Letter from Doctor Milind Kirtane & Letter from Tata Trust.  Click on link below to download the PDF file Hospital.pdf

You can even choose to Pay via Credit Card by clicking on button below :

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