25th December 2009 : Christmas celebration

Christmas celebration was the first joyful event for children from our powai slum coaching center to showcase their talents. It was full of joy and happiness. We were falling short of chairs as it was attended by more than 250 people. Children were ready to perform with full enthusiasm, they were so much motivated by our center incharge P K Mishra and Sarita mishra that we all could see that now nothing can stop them to set fire on the stage. We had lot many dance performances followed a speech from one the student. The auditorium was full of shouts, cheers, smiles and claps. How can we forget Mr. Bhavdeep Pandya, our dear santa. He gave lots of chocolates to everybody and made everyone smile.

We gave gifts to all the children followed by delicious food and the credit goes to Mr. Arvind. The efforts done by P K Mishra, Sarita Mishra, Deepa Bala , Bhupendra shah were outstanding. This was just a trailer, the story is yet to begin.