26th November 2009 : A very first event of Tarang

The very first event of Tarang which involved a talent contest among night school students to explore their hidden potential. Two night schools participated in this event, Samarth night school and Sane Guruji night school. Almost 30 children participated in the program. Children performed. Gifts were distributed to all the students who Prticipated in program. There was a Drawing competiton where we chose three students and they were given prizes for winning. Felicitation of previous year 10th passed students was also done to motivate them to study further. We also gave sports equipments worth Rs. 7000 to both the night schools.

Event was very successful and it created a very impactful awareness about night schools amongst others. Fabulous comparing was done by Choudhary sir and Abhijeet and the decoration done by young engineering student Swati and her team members was very eye catching. Food and Gifts played a vital role for childrens happiness and it was possible only due to our members Rajendra Makwana and Bhavdeep Pandya. All the implementations were done by Rishi Modi and Amit Thanvi who really worked hard to make it a huge success. So the credit of this huge success goes to our Tarang team whose mission to give education to each and every poor child on this planet.