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1st August 2010 : Picnic organized to celebrate Friendship’s Day

At Tarang, we believe in working hard and partying harder. While imparting quality education is our main motto, we also ensure children have their share of fun. This is precisely why a fun picnic was organized for night school kids. It was organized to celebrate Friendship’s Day with them.

Basic idea of picnic came to our mind when we were teaching kids in our Powai center and they asked “Beach kya hota hai?” They not even knew the world outside the slum and thats what made the picnic happen. The kids were treated to several city destinations like the Bandra-Worli Sea link, The Gateway of India, The Tarapore Aquarium and Nehru Planetarium. Their happiness knew no bounds! They were elated to say the least. A ‘picnic’ like this is a dream come true for slum children. It gives them a world of happiness and joy.

We booked two buses to accommodate about 130 children. We picked up food stuff like samosas, food packets and water bottles too. We had over 15 volunteers assisting us. Each volunteer was assigned a certain lot of children to take care of. Specific name tags were pinned on their clothes.

We distributed samosas, Frootis and chocolates to kids. They were absolutely delighted and thrilled. We headed to the Gateway of India via the Sea Link so that students could catch a glimpse of the architectural marvel. We then headed to the Nehru Planetarium. Kids had a fun time to say the least. We later proceeded to Mac Donalds at Cross Road to treat the kids to burgers and icecreams.
Such picnics are great morale boosters. They inspire kids to study together in harmony. Picnics promote mutual love and team spirit in kids. We achieved all this and more when we organized the picnic to Gateway of India and other destinations in South Mumbai.

15th January 2010 : Distribution of 21 sets to help students learn better

Proper education and training can take students places. They can achieve great heights of success under skilful tutelage. Tarang not only provides proper training and guidance but also a host of resources to make education easier for students. We distributed 21 Set Books to make learning easier, fun and interesting for students. These self-learning books made a great deal of difference in fostering interest in education. The results have been simply remarkable!

21 Set Books helped students understand wide-ranging concepts. It made problem-solving easier for them. These books served as a great resource for learning. It helped them uncover various tips, techniques and strategies to learn better and produce better results.

21 Set Books enhanced their problem-solving skills. It made last minute revision easier for them. They could refer to various papers and solutions and boost their skills in the process. Not only have we dedicated ourselves to providing free education, but also free resources to make education a fruitful endeavour for students.