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Tarang’s First Event was a grant success

Tarang’s first event as on 26th Nov. 2009

Tarang’s first event was a grant grand success. Two night schools participated in this event, Samarth Night School and Saneguruji Night School. It was attended by over 200 people. There were people standing as we went short of chairs. The hall was buzzing with lot of joy and happiness. Everything in the hall was implacable and decoration done by Swati and team was very eye catching.

Almost 30 night school students participated in the program. Program was flawless. Comparing was done by Chowdhary Sir and Abhijeet. They did fantastic job by keeping the audience involved in the event. Abhijeet in his comparing kept taking people for surprise, including myself and gave me surprise by asking me to dance. That was a shocker for me.

Before the start of the program I was worried as our rehearsals were not going as per plan and things were all over the place, but when it started it looked so professional as if everything was planned out perfectly. Children performed Songs, Dance, Skid and Tabla. It was amazing night.

We gave gifts to all the students who participated in program. We also felicitated previous year 10th passed student of night school. There was a drawing competition in which we chose 3 students to be winner and they were given gifts for winning. We also all gave sports equipment worth Rs. 7000 to both the night school.

Bhavdeep gave a small speach about his life and it was very very inspiring. End of his talk whole room alive.

Cannot complete my this article without acknowledging Abhijeet, Amit, Swati and their team for support in making the event grand success.

Accomplishment of this event:
1) Saneguruji night school’s principal reported increase in attendance in last 3 days.
2) During the event student came to us with a request for joining the event.
3) All students were motivated by their participation in event.
4) There is an awareness created about night school among people.
5) People were inspired by Bhavdeep’s sharing.

Thank you for all your support.


Rishi Modi
I’m Tarang.

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