15th February : Crash course organized for students

A crash course was also conducted for two of our night schools – Samarth Night School and Saneguruji Night School. A variety of subjects were covered in a period of 7 days. The idea was to improve SSC level education. The results were nothing short of phenomenal. We achieved 100 % success.

The credit goes to Siddhesh Jaitapkar and his team for discharging their responsibilities diligently. They did a great job of generating keen interest in SSC students. Students felt inspired to study. In fact, ever since the crash course was introduced, the attendance in our night schools shot up. Students showed active participation and involvement in the crash course. They attended classes with renewed zest and enthusiasm. We were actually surprised by the outcome.

Moreover, there was an increasing demand for the crash course. Students demanded the course be held more often. This motivated us to conduct more courses and cover more subjects.
The mission was accomplished. The crash course was highly effective in boosting the pass percentage. The crash course was introduced to improve the pass percentage of SSC results. It did just that – students received effective training and guidance which helped them perform exceptionally well. The core committee meets on a regular basis to brainstorm possibilities and discuss upcoming events.